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AI-Powered Domain Name Generation:

Leverage our AI algorithms to generate up to 40 domain names suggestions in a single search. These suggestions are designed to be short, memorable, creative, and tailored to your website niche.

Instant Domain Availability Check :

Check domain availability in real-time. Our AI tool is directly integrated to registrars, you can easily find out if your preferred domain is ready for registration and secure it instantly.

Save Your Favorite Domains :

Not ready to decide yet? Save domains you love to your favorites list for easy access and comparison later. It's like bookmarking your best ideas for future use.

Access the History Section :

Keep track of your domain search journey. Access your history to revisit previous searches and ideas, ensuring you never lose a great domain name suggestion.

Chat with the result :

If the initial domains generated don't meet your expectations, you can provide a feedback prompt. This will help the AI to fine-tune its suggestions to match exactly what you are searching for.

Free to use :

Unlike other websites, our domain finder is free for regular usage (20 generations a day). For extensive use, particularly by domainers, an upgrade may be required. This helps prevent abuse and ensures everyone has an equal opportunity to use the tool.